For Our Sellers:

Best Market Conditions: We ensure the fastest payouts and best terms.

Reseller Benefits: Up to 70% share, with a user-friendly panel that shows detailed sales and refund statistics.

Priority Support: Our support team is available via our ticket system or Jabber, blackstash cc offering top-tier assistance.

Auto-Upload System

Focus on quality over quantity ensures higher sell-out rates.


Advanced Security Features: Choose between PGP 2FA and Google Authenticator blackstash for secure two-factor authentication.

Privacy Guaranteed: We never log user connections and require no personal data from our users. All sensitive information is encrypted securely. b1ack’s Stash cvv and dumps shop. shop login

For Our Buyers:

Exceptional Quality: Our bases are known for their superb validity rates.

Transparent Validity Claims: We display exact valid rates without exaggeration.

Daily Refreshes: Our inventory updates once daily, every day of the year.

Exotic Auction Access: Participate in our auctions to bid on rare 101 bins and secure unique finds before anyone else.

Free Bin & Zip Lookup

CCS/FULLZ checker

Stock Request: Create a ticket and let us know the stock you want in the shop.

Deposit Bonuses

The more you buy, the more perks and discounts you will get.

b1ack’s Stash is committed to honesty towards all clients, both buyers and sellers.

Explore our exclusive collection of the freshest firsthand CCS/FULLZ at highly competitive prices.

Enjoy a complimentary gift with daily purchases.

All alternative domains are fraudulent—never search for blackstash our domain or you risk a scam!

We do not conduct sales through ICQ, Jabber, or Telegram.

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