Organic Reishi Mushroom Coffee

Reishi (Ganoderma) lucidum organic mushroom can bring harmony to your morning cup of java. This low-acidity beverage promotes immunity, calms anxiety and contains antioxidants.

Add these mushrooms to soups and smoothies.


Reishi mushrooms have long been revered as the “Mushroom of Immortality” in Eastern medicine. Packed with antioxidants and fiber-rich beta glucan, reishi has been demonstrated to strengthen one’s immunity by activating white blood cells.

Reishi mushroom are adaptogens. They help the body deal with stress and promote relaxation. Reishi mushrooms’ ability to balance the nervous and immune systems explains its long-standing use as a treatment for anxiety, insomnia depression and chronic fatigue.

Mushrooms provide a wide range of bioactive components, including enzymes, polysaccharides and amino acids. These compounds support cell health and promote overall wellness. Reishi mushroom tea provides a delicious way to reap all of their benefits.

Reishi mushrooms have many benefits, including the ability to improve mood and liver health. They also increase energy. Reishi may also help treat chronic fatigue and lower high blood pressure; further research may reveal its anticancer potential and its ability to increase natural killer cell production for attacking abnormal cells.

When shopping for coffee with mushrooms opt for a product which uses a combination of extracts, rather than a single-species powder. You will reap the benefits of all the mushroom species without suffering from unwanted side effects. Make sure it is made with organic ingredients and adheres to strict purity standards.

Mushroom coffee can be enjoyed solo or added to smoothies, protein shakes, or other recipes as an intriguing twist and healthful boost. Mix it with regular coffee to create an intoxicating combination. Before adding this or other supplements to your routine, make sure you consult with your physician if you are taking any medications (especially blood pressure medications). Mushrooms could alter your body’s sensitivity or interact with certain medications. Consult with your doctor first.


Reishi mushrooms, also known as Ganoderma lucidum, are a fungus that grows at the base of hardwood trees in humid environments and can often be found beneath hardwood tree leaves. Reishi polypore, also known as Ganoderma Lucidum in technical terms, grows at the base and under the leaves of hardwood trees. Reishi herb is revered for its adaptogen and tonic properties.

Reishi, the mushrooms we use in our organic reishi reishi reishi mushroom tea , come from forests in Korea that are carefully harvested and grown to ensure only top quality mushrooms. Reishi is rich in antioxidants, beta-glucans and phenolic acid. It has also been shown to have anti-tumor and immune-boosting properties.

This blend contains a variety of functional mushrooms to support digestion and overall wellness. Lion’smane improves memory, mental clarity, and immunity. Cordyceps also increases exercise performance.

This delicious low-acid coffee is perfect for those who can’t tolerate the high acidity found in regular coffee. An exclusive patented method gradually and natural lowers acidity, before roasting.

This organic cold brew is a blend of four functional mushrooms, known for their ability to strengthen and support your immune system. Lion’s Mane promotes mental focus and brain function. Chaga supports digestion health as well as immunity. Reishi calms down the mind and strengthens immunity.


Reishi mushrooms are a tonic mushroom that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to boost energy. Recent studies have demonstrated that the mushroom has anti-inflammatory, blood pressure lowering and anti-oxidant properties. Commonly found growing in forests in China, Korea and Japan, as well as other Asian countries with humid, warm environments. Its name comes from the clear skin and the Greek words “gano” and “derma”, which mean brightness and dermis.

Reishi, a mushroom, mushroom tea high is often mixed with cordyceps (a type of chaga), lion’s-mane, and chaga extracts. This combination provides maximum energy and antiinflammatory benefits. Reishi and Chaga with Lion’s Mane are a popular combination because of its energy boost.

Reishi mushroom powder is not directly edible but can be turned into edible form using a food grinder or spice mill. The powder can then either be packaged in individual servings or mixed with instant coffee. When selecting high-quality mushroom-coffee items, it’s crucial that they have high-grade ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

Mushrooms have many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial, including polyphenols and carotenes, which can improve sleep and reduce stress*. Mushrooms contain essential fatty oils which may help protect against cardiovascular diseases and inflammation*.

Reishi mushrooms coffee has a lower acidity than regular coffee due to its slow roasting, gentle after-roast treatment and no caffeine crash!

Reintroducing Reishi coffee in your daily routine can be done quickly and easily. Just prepare it as any other kind of coffee using a percolator, pour over setup or french press; for added flavoring add sugar or cream as desired. Dalgona is a whipped coffee made with instant coffee and Reishi. It’s a deliciously creamy beverage.


Our premium non GMO mushrooms coffee blend contains no soy, gluten, dairy products, preservatives or flavors derived by tree nuts. It also passes strict 3rd-party laboratory tests to ensure quality. Each ingredient has to pass these rigorous checks.

This coffee is the perfect way to start or end your day. Our organic arabica contains Lion’s Mane mushroom extract powder and Cordyceps.

Reishi is revered as the “Mushroom of Immortality.” Reishi functions as an adaptogen which promotes calmness by reducing physical and emotional stresses. Chaga, another potency antioxidant found on birch trees, helps boost immune function while complementing Reishi with cocoa to create this tasty drink!

This delicious latte made from organic fairtrade Arabica beans contains Reishi extract to support stress response and immunity functions, cacao butter for stress reduction and Lion’s Mane extract to improve cognitive function.

This deliciously creamy coffee offers all of the taste and energy of your favorite cappuccino without the unwanted jitters or crashes. Reishi mushrooms and Cordyceps fungus extracts improve cognitive function by increasing blood flow both to the brain, heart and balancing natural hormones within your body.

This recipe’s abundance of antioxidants helps support a healthy nervous system. Combining coffee and mushroom is rich in fatty acids, minerals, and vitamin D. This will improve your mood as well as increase immunity.

This mushroom-infused drink has a low pH, making it a great option for those who are sensitive to caffeine. Our premium coffee beans are roasted without additives to a medium-dark shade and we use only certified organic Reishi to avoid toxins or contaminants. Please consult your healthcare provider prior to beginning any supplement regimen, particularly if pregnant, breastfeeding, receiving medical treatments for serious health conditions or allergic to mushrooms.

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