Sainsbury’s have offered £20 vouchers to customers left without their online deliveries after the retailer was hit with technical issues this morning.

The supermarket chain confirmed an IT glitch resulted in hundreds of online shopping orders being cancelled.

Initially over 500 shoppers reported issues with Sainsbury’s online service this morning, which later dropped to less than 50 an hour according to Downdetector. 

Responding to a customer asking about their delivery, Sainsbury’s said: ‘I’m really sorry you’ve not had confirmation, but due to unforeseen circumstances, your delivery has been cancelled for today. 

‘The team will be issuing a £20 E-voucher shortly via email, with details on how to rebook the delivery.’

Sainsbury’s has offered £20 vouchers to customers left without their online deliveries this morning due to an IT glitch (file image)

Over 500 customers reported an issue with the online service this morning. This has since dropped to just under 50 reports per hour (pictured: Downdetector figures of reports)

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: ‘We have fixed a small technical issue which has affected some groceries online orders this morning. 

‘We have contacted these customers directly to apologise for the inconvenience.’

Hundreds of shoppers took to X (formerly Twitter) to query the retailer about their deliveries this morning.

‘Sainsbury’s your food order query line is not working. It cuts you off as soon as you get passed the introductory message,’ a customer penned.

‘My food order is already 2 hours late and there is no way to get in touch.’

A second added: ‘No information about my food shopping that’s due to be delivered today, no receipt has been sent? 

‘By the looks of it, it won’t be arriving will it? Shocking lack of communication.’

Another asked: ‘Hi Sainsbury’s my order hasn’t been delivered and your customer service number just cuts off. What’s happening?’ 

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said they have contacted and apologised to customers impacted by ‘small’ IT issue (file image) 

Customers flocked X (formerly Twitter) to query the retailer about their undelivered shopping orders 

‘Sainsbury’s I’ve been cut off from your customer service phone line 6 times, delivery hasn’t shown up and is hours late. What is going on? Can you assist,’ another quipped. 

‘Just adding myself to the list of clients expecting a delivery and ghosted by this morning,’ one shopper said.

‘No order confirmation, no answer to DMs, call centre just hangs up. How does this keep happening??

One customer quipped: ‘Sainsburys I’m sensing a pattern. Got up early to wait for delivery. No confirmation email. No delivery. Really, really unhappy.’ 

This comes shortly after a Sainsbury’s top boss apologised to customers for an IT meltdown that left thousands of shoppers without their groceries in March. 

The ‘technical issue’ created chaos on one of the busiest shopping days of the week – a Sunday. 

This comes after an IT glitch in March resulted in the grocery chain cancelling online orders (file image)

 During the previous IT meltdown the retail chain was unable to accept contactless payments (Pictured: A self-service till at a Sainsbury’s in London that could only accept cash payments)

The grocery chain cancelled online orders and couldn’t accept contactless payments – so shoppers either had to use a physical card or pay in cash.

Customers, who already faced long queues at the tills, were forced to desperately queue at nearby ATMs, LLEIDA PSICOLOGO but many machines ran out of cash due to the dramatic uptick in withdrawals.

CEO Simon Roberts sent an email to all shoppers confirming the ‘affected systems are now back online’ and stores continue to be open and ‘fully operational’ at the time.

He apologised to ‘every customer’ that was impacted by the IT failure in March and revealed that any shopper whose online order was not delivered will receive a voucher in the coming days in help make up for the ‘inconvenience’.


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